La taverne de Zhao invites you to a culinary journey to ancient China. But nothing pompous here, the team is young and cheerful and the décor (and the prices) as modest as the food is qualitative. There’s nothing like these tradionnal hot pots to warm you up on a cold foggy winter day or these 2000 years old receipe meat breads to comfort you with just the right amount of pepper and fat. I recommand as well the strange-named “platycodon” salad, which is an edible flower served with minced chicken. My favourite chinese restaurant of the moment!

Metro: 5 Jacques Bonsergent

Prices: cheap. 8.50 the hot pot, 4.50 the meat bread, 6.50 the platycodon salad… Count between 15 and 20 euros for a large meal with different dishes.