J’y troque is what you call here a “dépôt-vente” which I don’t know how to translate in english…anyway I am going to tell you what is it about: basically, fashionistas who want to sell their almost new designer clothes of recent collections because they already have too much of them bring them to the “dépôt-vente” where they are sorted by brand/type and sold about half price. Got the idea?
Most represented brands are Chloé, See by Chloé, Marni, Céline, Isabel Marant, but you’ll find also Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto and others.

Opening times: mo-fr: 11am-19pm       sat: 15pm-19pm

Metro: 7 Pyramides or Palais Royal / 3 Quatre Septembre

Prices: medium, depending on the brand, I found a recent Céline blazer (looking new) for 400 euros