Le comptoir général is an amazing place. At first sight it’s simply beautiful. But what is it exactly? Is it a bar? A theater? A museum? An indoor jungle? A shop? Well, a bit of it all. Actually, it’s a cultural center created by the art agency Secousse and entirely dedicated to the “Ghetto Art”, that’s how they call the borderline cultures that emerge from places without financial means, all around the world but specially in Africa.

During the week the place can be rented by any association, company or ONG that has to do with ecology, solidarity or social innovation.

Besides it offers a continuous program of films projections, animations for children, an african brunch on sundays, a bookstore, an antiques and vintage clothes shop, a radio, a music shop, art installations and an indoor garden, a bar and many other things I haven’t discovered yet.

Le comptoir général is an immersion in another world, far from the agitation of the city, a pleasure for the eyes and for the soul, which contributes to the emergence of a solidary language, responsible, curious, and open to the diversity.

Metro: 3 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 11 République, 11 Goncourt

Prices: solidary. Sunday brunch around 18 euros, 7 euros the special exotic cocktail at the bar.