Nozomi, still in Milan, Italy, is a REAL japanese restaurant, as far as I know one of the only, if not the only in Milan. No so called “sushis” or “sashimis” here but authentic dishes presented with their miso soup and pickles on a wooden plate, Tempuras, Ramen, Katzudon or Shabu Shabu.

Tram: 9 Viale Piave vicino piazza Tricolore

Prices: Around 16 euros for the lunch menu


Let’s take a trip to Milan, Italy, and let me introduce you to Il cavaliere di Seingalt, one of the numerous hidden little gemms of this city. The antiques shop, or better said “Ali Baba cave” of the thousands wonders, is located in a small street between San Gottardo and Viale Col di Lana, close to Piazza XXIV Maggio. You can find of course antique furniture, dolls, trinkets and religious items but there’s a large choice of fashion accessories like hat pins, hats, belts, earrings, rings and necklaces nicely sorted in wooden drawers, from cheap plastic 70′s stuff to rare and expensive pieces from the 20′s or 30′s, so exceptional they are presented in frames. The nice owner told me she’s preparing a book about these wonders of the past and the golden age of the italian artisans of fashion who created them.

Tram: 3 Piazza XXIV Maggio / 9 Col di Lana

Prices: From 3 to … euros, up to you to find the best bargain!