Let’s stay in the 10th arrondissement and go to Tuck Shop, the new place en vogue. If you don’t like hipsters and fashionistas, don’t stop by. If you are a bit of a hipster, slightly into fashion and totally vegetarian, or simply you like places that look like it’s your home and provide a 10 euros healthy and tasty brunch, bio cakes, sandwiches and chai tee then I think you might like it. The place is run by three australian girls, everybody speaks english, theres free wifi and edgy fashion magazine available for reading on the two only big tables. Open on Sunday.

Little game: try and find Diane Pernet in the picture. The winner will get a little gift!

Metro: 5 Jacques Bonsergent

Prices: 3 euros for a hot beverage, 10 to 15 for eating