Restaurant Kushikatsu Bon brings you back again to Osaka with a unique speciality you won’t find in any other japanese restaurant in Paris: the kushikatsu, fried breaded bits of vegetable, fish or meat on a stick you dip in the range of sauces placed in front of you. Every bite is carefully prepared under you eyes by chef Yosuke Wakasa and served with a smile and the indication of the sauce you should dip it into. Among the range of fried delicacies: lotus root, shiitaké, St-Jacques, boeuf Châteaubriand, foie gras, shrimps, aspargus, and even vanilla ice! A special good mark to the odorless deep fryer.

Prices: 53 euros the only menu (drinks not included)

Metro: 3 Parmentier / 9, 5 Oberkampf

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