If you don’t pay attention, you could pass by the trompe-l’oeil painted door of L’Osteria Del Anima without noticing there’s a restaurant there. What would you miss! To my non-italian opinion, one of the best italian restaurant in town. The pasta is home-made, the dishes simple but generous and delicious, like pasta al nero di sepia, lasagna, taglioni ai frutti di mare, etc. The atmosphere is warm, but the place tiny, so give a call before to make sure you get a table! I recommand the lunch menu, same dishes but much cheaper than in the evening!

Prices: lunch menu (first+main or main+dessert) 12 euros, for the evening count around 17 for a single dish

Metro: 9, 5 Oberkampf

Photo credits: www.mirabile-travel.com, www.web.stagram.com