Do you like to take your meals in your bed or do you prefer a good table in society ? Both melt into one at Le Derrière, where the bedroom becomes the diner room and the diner room becomes a boudoir. For more intimacy with your friends try and book the maisonnette, a private room in the courtyard with a mysterious second floor.

The cuisine is traditionnal and seasonal : tender beef cheek, ginger ceviche, roasted pork and mushrooms…

And if you want to have a smoke before dessert, follow the children of Narnia into the cupboard.

Reservation needed.


Prices: medium, count between 18 and 24 euros for the main course, between 10 and 16 the first, 8 and 11 the dessert

Metro: 11 Arts et Métiers


La Buvette is what you call here a « bar à vins », in a hype version . A trendy opportunity to gather around a good bottle and a plate of saucisson or cheese for a perfect hypster aperitivo.

Prices: I recommend the place for the wine and atmosphere, but the food is quite expensive (7.- for a small plate of saucisson), so make sure your stomach is not too empty when you arrive!

Metro: 3 Saint-Maur




Soberly named « Vintage Clothing » this vintage clothing’s shop is worth a visit . The prices are as modest as the shop’s name and the selection is quite interesting. From a rack full of printed silk dresses you go to the next one dedicated to contemporary japanese designers (Yohji, Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe) , then 90’s minimalism by Helmut Land, Margiela, without forgetting  the french of course, Alaia, Gaultier, Mugler, etc. A large choice of coats as well, and some accessories too.

Prices: high but very correct, for example an Alaia suede skirt in perfect shape 280.-

Metro: 5, 9 Oberkampf





If you are in Paris for the fashion week don’t forget to drop by Studio W for a high quality bargain-hunt in William’s luxurious selection of vintage from the 30′s to the 90′s. The choice of branded bags, shoes and belts is particularly impressive (Courrège, Dior, Pierre Cardin, Céline, YSL, etc), along of course amazing pieces of clothes by Alaia, Junya Watanabe, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many others. A nice range of jewels too, and a very welcoming owner!

Prices: proportional to the quality of the goods, means: have a budget! (bags between 200 and 500 euros)


Metro: 8 Saint-Sébastien Froissart



Another good vintage address in this resourceful area around canal Saint Martin, Chez Chiffons, a double treasure box with a refined selection of romantic dresses, blouses and accessories of various decades. It goes from lacy gowns of the 30′s to contemporary designers pieces, with a special taste for girly, holywood-ish, glamorous touch that gives you the feeling of entering the closet of a movie star from another, sparkling era.

Prices: more than reasonable (250 euros for a YSL Stefano Pilati silk dress, new)

Metro: 5 Jacques Bonsergent


For the lucky ones who are on holiday and maybe, why not, in Barcelona, make a stop at the Bar Lobo, right next to the Ramblas, and tell me what you think. Personally I have been won over by the surprising and delicious, super fresh tapas, like grilled blood sausage with pear, fried eggplant with honey, green peppers, and the inevitable pan con tomato. The design of the place won’t spoil your pleasure, retro-skandinavian touch with the wood everywhere, plants and a big terrasse on a quiet street.

Prices: medium, between 5 and 9 euros the tapas


Metro: Las Ramblas



As it is all a matter of prettyness, let’s go now to La Jolie Garde-Robe. There you’ll find the french essence of vintage, elegance and nonchalance going hand in hand. Rare pieces from Paco Rabanne stand next to more affordable but not less inspiring little things.

Prices: medium to very high

Metro: 8 Filles du Calvaire

Let’s start a vintage shops tour in le haut-marais with Pretty Box: a good adress for those looking for carefuly selected 60’s to 80’s vintage designers clothes and other flaming rags. From romantic coton veil dresses to rock’n’roll python boots, the chances are high to find the good pick that will make everybody ask with envy “where is this from?”

Prices: medium, 90 euros for a silk top, 70 euros for a woolen sweater dress

Metro: 8 Filles du Calvaire


Nang-Loan is a hidden gem, from the outside it doesn’t seem different from any other asian “boui-boui” but I bet you’ll be immediately seduced as soon as you taste one of the authentic, delicious home-made thai specialities of this tiny restaurant. Stuffed crab, ginger sausages, coco fish in a banana leave, and a teapot of jasmin tea will reload your batteries after a shopping marathon in the “haut-marais”. And if you have spent to much money already, no worries because the prices are inversely proportional to the quality of the food.

Prices: very cheap, betweenn 3 and 5 euros a dish, teapot for free!

Metro: 8 Saint-Sébastien Froissart / 9 Saint-Ambroise

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If you don’t pay attention, you could pass by the trompe-l’oeil painted door of L’Osteria Del Anima without noticing there’s a restaurant there. What would you miss! To my non-italian opinion, one of the best italian restaurant in town. The pasta is home-made, the dishes simple but generous and delicious, like pasta al nero di sepia, lasagna, taglioni ai frutti di mare, etc. The atmosphere is warm, but the place tiny, so give a call before to make sure you get a table! I recommand the lunch menu, same dishes but much cheaper than in the evening!

Prices: lunch menu (first+main or main+dessert) 12 euros, for the evening count around 17 for a single dish

Metro: 9, 5 Oberkampf

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