La Gazzetta’ s chef Petter Nilsson invents a new menu every week which will for sure surprise and delight your papillas with it’s subtile, sensual, sometimes unexpected combinations of tastes and textures with a scandinavian touch. For a first romantic date I would suggest the formulas in six times, six small dishes with a crescendo of flavours that will thrill you until the last one.

Prices: lunch menu from 17euros, dinner menus 39euros, 45 euros, 65euros the formula in 6 times

Metro: 8 Ledru-Rollin

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 Restaurant Kushikatsu Bon brings you back again to Osaka with a unique speciality you won’t find in any other japanese restaurant in Paris: the kushikatsu, fried breaded bits of vegetable, fish or meat on a stick you dip in the range of sauces placed in front of you. Every bite is carefully prepared under you eyes by chef Yosuke Wakasa and served with a smile and the indication of the sauce you should dip it into. Among the range of fried delicacies: lotus root, shiitaké, St-Jacques, boeuf Châteaubriand, foie gras, shrimps, aspargus, and even vanilla ice! A special good mark to the odorless deep fryer.

Prices: 53 euros the only menu (drinks not included)

Metro: 3 Parmentier / 9, 5 Oberkampf

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Seats are limited at the tiny restaurant Momoka, so if you want to taste chef Masayo’s delicious cuisine à la mode d’Osaka, you’d better book a table first! Here no sushis or sashimis menus but surprise combos of incredible specialities like mixed marinated vegetables and flowers, sculpted fish filets, vinegar soup, matcha tiramisu…An authentic, home-made like cuisine which won’t let you leave hungry.

Prices: three combos between 39 and 68 euros in the evening, lunch menu 29 euros

Metro: 13 Liège / 12 Trinité or St-Georges

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Let me introduce you to this new section of THE CARDS: Ones To Watch, people who are dear to me, but first of all emerging talents who are worth broadcasting.


In this precise case One To Listen To: here she comes Nico And The Red Shoes,a clear voice with soul accents, cheeky to intense, deep to bubble-light lyrics put on pop melodies of the stomp-your-feet-and-shake-your-head kind. A zingy mix that makes Nico a definitly contrastful figure and a young talent to watch, as she has more than one surprise for you in her bag to come.


Follow her and listen to her songs on her Facebook account,



Watch this girl, because in the world of fashion fotography women are rare animals.

And in the world of Sarah Alewtina Reimann, a young and talented photographer with a special eye for intriguing, poetical fashion stories, animals are welcome indeed, as evidenced in her latest work: in the slightly surreal lighting of carlights, the encounter of an elegant young woman and a white horse in the undergrowth somewhere between dusk and down. A teasing plot that want you know what comes next!


See more works by Sarah Alewtina on her website:



Welcome to Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, a place where you’ll travel from flavours to flavours, where you’ll be spoiled for choice between the morrocan couscous and tajines, the italian pasta and other specialities, carribean delights, the bentos of a japanese street cantine as if you where there and of course, french wine with oysters.

Each restaurant has it’s own tables between the greens and flowers stalls, it’s the perfect place for an outdoor brunch on a sunny shopping day in Le Marais. Of course you won’t be the only one with the same idea, so come early!

Metro: 8 Filles du Calvaire / Saint-Sébastien Froissart

Prices: between 10 and 17 euros for a meal


Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. vintage shop, located close to place de la République in the more and more trendy rue de Lancry (which leads to Canal St. Martin) has a very chic selection of high quality-luxury french brands vintage such as Yves-Saint-Laurent, Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Charvet and so on. All sorted by colours, you’ll find there the essence of timeless parisian bon ton. On saturdays only, a more affordable brandless but not less edgy selection in the basement. Soon an online shop on

Metro: 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 République / 5 Jacques Bonsergent

Prices: medium to high, as most of the items are branded and in a very good condition (cheaper in the basement)

Nozomi, still in Milan, Italy, is a REAL japanese restaurant, as far as I know one of the only, if not the only in Milan. No so called “sushis” or “sashimis” here but authentic dishes presented with their miso soup and pickles on a wooden plate, Tempuras, Ramen, Katzudon or Shabu Shabu.

Tram: 9 Viale Piave vicino piazza Tricolore

Prices: Around 16 euros for the lunch menu


Let’s take a trip to Milan, Italy, and let me introduce you to Il cavaliere di Seingalt, one of the numerous hidden little gemms of this city. The antiques shop, or better said “Ali Baba cave” of the thousands wonders, is located in a small street between San Gottardo and Viale Col di Lana, close to Piazza XXIV Maggio. You can find of course antique furniture, dolls, trinkets and religious items but there’s a large choice of fashion accessories like hat pins, hats, belts, earrings, rings and necklaces nicely sorted in wooden drawers, from cheap plastic 70′s stuff to rare and expensive pieces from the 20′s or 30′s, so exceptional they are presented in frames. The nice owner told me she’s preparing a book about these wonders of the past and the golden age of the italian artisans of fashion who created them.

Tram: 3 Piazza XXIV Maggio / 9 Col di Lana

Prices: From 3 to … euros, up to you to find the best bargain!


Let’s stay in the 10th arrondissement and go to Tuck Shop, the new place en vogue. If you don’t like hipsters and fashionistas, don’t stop by. If you are a bit of a hipster, slightly into fashion and totally vegetarian, or simply you like places that look like it’s your home and provide a 10 euros healthy and tasty brunch, bio cakes, sandwiches and chai tee then I think you might like it. The place is run by three australian girls, everybody speaks english, theres free wifi and edgy fashion magazine available for reading on the two only big tables. Open on Sunday.

Little game: try and find Diane Pernet in the picture. The winner will get a little gift!

Metro: 5 Jacques Bonsergent

Prices: 3 euros for a hot beverage, 10 to 15 for eating